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Tsukuyomi AiTsukuyomi ShoutaYoshida-KunTsurumaki MakiYuzuki YukariTohoku ZunkoMinase Kou

VOICEROID+ EX is an upgrade to the VOICEROID+ engine. 


New featuresEdit

The list of new features in VOICEROID+ EX as described by AH Soft-

  • The updated libraries will have a more realistic and livelier tone
  • There is a software dictionary included, so it is possible to have the libraries pronounce a word to the user's preference 
  • It is now possible to toggle if the character image is displayed
  • It is now possible to toggle effects on and off
  • It is now possible to have the libraries speak in a questioning tone by adding a question mark ? at the end of a sentence (excluding Tsukuyomi Ai and Shouta , and Yoshida-Kun )
  • The reading of the entered text can be timed
  • Added compatibility for Windows 8 and 8.1


All of the VOICEROID+ EX Packages are 11,00 Yen for a box version and 7,480 Yen for a download version, excluding Yoshida-Kun EX, who is 16,000 Yen for a box version and 9,800 Yen for a download version.


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