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Yoshida-Kun (吉田くん) is a character from the flash animation series, "Eagle Talon". He is also a VOICEROID and was the first of the VOICEROID+ voices, as well as the first and only male to that engine. He was released on October 22, 2010[1]. His software was later upgraded to VOICEROID+ EX in 2015.

Vocal descriptionEdit

Yoshida-Kun is a mature male vocal in comparison to Tsukuyomi Shouta. As his voiced is based on that of his character's vocal performance, leads to his vocal sounding slightly odd. He is not aimed at a mature audience and contains censorship of certain words.

Voice samplesEdit


  • Because of his role in Eagle Talon, he was the first VOICEROID released to have merchandise on sale for him.
  • Eagle Talon is an evil organization bent on conquering the world, however, these stories are often silly and all their attempts are met with failure.
  • In Eagle Talon he is 24 years old and is the same height he has been since he was a child.
  • Despite being the most recognized from Eagle Talon, Yoshida was from an early flash animation SGuy and the Family Stone by the same producer of Eagle Talon, FROGMAN.



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